Young Leaders

The Young Leaders Scheme is a whole programme of learning and opportunity open to Explorer Scouts and they make up a very important supporting part of the leadership within Scouting, learning leadership skills and helping adult leaders with younger sections. At Phoenix Explorer Scouts, we work closely with our Scout District, Basingstoke East, and have a number of Explorer Scouts taking part in the Young Leader Scheme supporting sections across our District.

Who Can be a Young Leader

The Young Leader Scheme is open to Explorer Scouts aged 14 to 18 years old.

What Do Young Leaders Do

Young Leaders work with younger sections in Scouting such as Beavers, Cub Scouts, and (less commonly) Scouts. By working with adult leaders, the younger sections, and undertaking training and development, the Young Leaders make valuable contributions to the Scouting community. It helps teach leadership and helps young people to grow and develop themselves.

How Are Young Leaders Rewarded

Young Leaders are rewarded and given recognition for their efforts and work in Scouting through the Young Leader Awards. Work as a Young Leader can additionally count towards a Duke of Edinburgh Award as the volunteering portion of the award. Your DofE advisor should be able to tell you more about this.

Learn about Young Leader Awards

What is Required of a Young Leader

A programme of learning and training exists specifically for Young Leaders. The learning consists of an initial training course referred to as Module A. Additional modules exist for Young Leaders to undertake as they go through their leadership journey. Young Leaders also have a number of Missions which can be completed as part of the Young Leader Awards which showcase specific achievements and challenges that they have completed.

Module A – Prepare for Take-Off

This is the first module of learning that a Young Leader will undertake and is the only module that is mandatory (although we obviously encourage you to do all of them). It must be completed within three months of starting the Young Leader Scheme.

This module covers the following:

  • Purpose and method of the Scout Association
  • Child protection
  • Policy, organisation, and rules (POR)
  • Activity rules and safety
  • Understanding the role of the Young Leader and where they fit in the Scouting Association

Module B – Taking the Lead

This module teaches the Young Leaders about different leadership styles, when to use particular styles, and the role of a leader in Scouting.

Module C – That’s the Way to Do It

In this module, Young Leaders explore different ways of intrusting younger members of Scouting.

Module D – Understanding Behaviour

Young Leaders in this module will learn how to deal with difficult situations in the section they support and the possible causes of bad behaviour.

Module E – Game On

This module teaches the importance of using games as a programming tool. It illustrates the different types of games and shows how they can be appropriate to different circumstances at times.

Module F – Making Scouting Accessible

In this module, Young Leaders will learn to identify the individual needs of members in their section. After this module, they will understand the importance of making adjustments in their programmes to take additional needs into account.

Modules G and H Programme Plans (Plus)

Modules G and H tackle an important area of section leadership – programme planning. The focus of these modules is the concept of the balanced programme, including the various awards and badges available. Young Leaders will initially plan a section meeting in Module G, progressing to long-term programme planning issues in Module H. Module G should be completed before Module H is begun.

Module I – What Did They Say

In all sections, input from the members is crucial to success. This module explores another important leadership function – how to communicate effectively with young people, and how to listen to them. Once our Young Leaders have acquired these skills, they will be able to make a valuable contribution to the health and wellbeing of the section in which they are working.

Module K – First Aid Master Class

Module K uses a well tested and established training course, the First Response course, to teach emergency aid to Young Leaders. Alternative options to the First Response course are outlined in the module. It may be appropriate for a Young Leader who intends to become an adult leader to undertake this as they approach 18.

When a Young Leader completes Module K, they will additionally be awarded their Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge.