Uniform is a key part of Scouting. The Explorer Scout uniform serves two purposes: for us within our own Unit and for Young Leaders working with other sections in Scouting. As a Unit, we wear our uniform to show the Unit to which we belong and the achievements we have accomplished. As a Young Leader, the Explorer Scout uniform sets an example to younger members of Scouting.

What is the Uniform?

The Explorer Scout uniform consists of a scarf (neckerchief or necker), a shirt, and Scout activity trousers. In a lot of circumstances we do not require our Explorers to wear specific Scout activity trousers, however, for formal occasions such as St. Georges Day we always dress to impress. The shirt is available in long-sleeve and short-sleeve and is available as a boys and a girls variant.

Where Can I Get the Uniform?

Uniform is available from a number of sources. We recommend using the local Scouting Supplies Shop which is run by Basingstoke East Scout District. The shop is located at Base 2000 which is the Basingstoke Air Scout headquarters (link to Google Maps). The Scouting Supplies Shop is typically open Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. and Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. Payment is only accepted by cash or cheque in the shop.

From the Scouting Supplies Shop you can buy the scarf, shirt and trousers. You will need to inform the shop that you are with the Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit so that you get the correct scarf. Our scarf is black and orange. The Phoenix Explorer Scout scarf can also be purchased from your Explorer Scout Leader if you are unable to get to the shop for their opening hours.

Where Do I Put the Badges?

Badges on Explorer Scout uniform have specific places that they should be attached. The image below has been simplified from the one shown on the Scout Association website by removing all badges that do not apply to the Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit.

Image showing badge placement on the Explorer Scout uniform.
Explorer Scouts uniform badge placement.


Moving on from Scouts

If you are moving on from Scouts, you would typically transfer badges from your Scout uniform to your new Explorer Scout uniform. The following badges should be transferred:

  • Membership Award
  • County and District Badge
  • Joining In Awards (Participation Award)
  • Staged Activity Badges

In Basingstoke East, we use a combined District and County badge: the two badges are attached as one double width badge. At Phoenix Explorer Scouts, we do not have a Unit badge so unlike some groups in Basingstoke, we do not have a badge attached to our scarf or necker. You should not transfer the name tape from your existing group; your Explorer Scout Leader will provide you with a Phoenix Explorer Scouts name tape.

Staged Activity Badges are those which are attached to the left sleeve of your Scout shirt and are those with the purple border, not those with the red border. You should only transfer the highest number award for any one badge. For example, if you have the Emergency Aid 1 and Emergency Aid 2 Staged Activity Badges, you should only attach the highest one. When you are awarded new Staged Activity Badges, you should remove the lower value and replace it with the higher one.

For Participation Awards, it is common to only wear the most recent four badges. When moving up from Scouts to Explorer Scouts, you may want to only attach the most recent one to leave room for you to attach those which you earn through Explorers in the years to come.

If you do not want to transfer badges from your Scout uniform because you want to keep it intact as a keep-sake of your time in Scouts you can speak to your Explorer Scout Leader to purchase replacements for the badges listed above.

New to Scouting

If you are new to Scouting, you will be issued with a new Membership Award, County and District Badge and the Phoenix Explorer Scouts name tape when you are invested into the Unit.