Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is a set of rules that our Explorer Scouts and Explorer Scout Leaders worked together to produce. These rules have not been set to try and make Phoenix Explorers boring or difficult but to ensure that we can all work together and that everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves in Scouting.

Repeated and serious rule-breaking will carry sanctions that may be applied an Explorer Scout which are also set out in this code of conduct.

Our code of conduct is based around The Scout Promise and The Scout Law which all Explorer Scouts agree to uphold as part of their investiture into our Unit. You can read more about each of the rules in our code of conduct and what some of them mean in the news article we posted about the introduction of the code of conduct.

You can download a copy of the Code of Conduct Form to sign and return to your Explorer Scout Leader using the link below.

Code of Conduct Form

Our code of conduct

  1. Have fun
  2. Take part and encourage each other
  3. Do not discriminate against other people
  4. Do not take illegal drugs or smoke
  5. Be a good person
  6. Listen to each other and respect the flag break ceremony
  7. Hand in paperwork and payments on time
  8. Wear suitable clothing
  9. Use appropriate language
  10. Do not use mobile phones during activities


When rules are broken, sanctions will be applied appropriately to the rule broken.

In all cases, we expect everyone to understand that they have broken the rules of our code of conduct and apologise whether that be to a leader or another Explorer Scout depending on the issue.

Serious Offences

Discrimination of others, taking illegal drugs or smoking, not handing in paperwork or payments on time, and not wearing suitable clothing for an activity will result in an individual’s home contact being informed and being sent home.

Repeated serious offences may require further action separate to our code of conduct such as our Safeguarding or Payments Policies.

Minor Offences

Not listening to each other, disrespecting the flag break ceremony, the use of inappropriate language, and the use of a mobile phone during activities carry various sanctions.

First, the individual will be given a warning. After two warnings, they will have their mobile phone taken from them for the remainder of that meeting, event, or activity and may be given a chore to complete. If after having their mobile phone taken from them, rules continue to be broken, the individuals’ home contact will be informed, and they will be sent home.

Repeated minor offences over multiple weeks within a term will result in the home contact being informed that the individual must miss a week of Phoenix Explorers.