What Happens Outside Explorers Doesn’t Have to Stay Outside Explorers

We all lead different lives and lifestyles and many of us take part in activities and events outside of Explorer Scouts. What happens outside of Explorer Scouts doesn’t have to stay outside of Explorer Scouts though! There are many ways that you can bring together things that you do in your own personal life to get reward and recognition within Scouting and sometimes we all need little reminders of that.

In this article, we thought we’d highlight a few of the areas and ways that you can do just that. If you are ever in doubt as to whether something you do in your personal life can help you towards an achievement in Explorer Scouts, just ask.

Providing Evidence

For all of the examples below and those that we haven’t covered, it’s important to remember your evidence. If you are doing something outside of Scouting, you need to be able to show to your Explorer Scout Leader that you are can complete the requirements. The easiest way to do this is by printing the requirements for the badge from the website. If you are trying to complete a badge such as Musician you could give this to your music leader or assessor and have them sign it to certify you.

All the pages on our website are print-friendly as well as mobile device friendly. When you print the pages only the bits you need will be printed. Remember to think about your costs and the environment when printing so print in black and white unless you need it in colour.

Musician Staged Activity Badge

Lots of young people play instruments. It starts at school and can often flourish into something that you do and develop outside of school. The Musician Staged Activity Badge is something you may have earned in your younger years of Scouting in Cub Scouts or Scouts, however, it’s important to remember that this Staged Activity Badge stays with you and grows as you do.

If you reach Grade One with your instrument, that covers everything you need for Stage Two of the Musician Staged Activity Badge. Pass the requirements for Grade Three and that gets you Stage Three of the badge. Remember to check; as you level up the grades with your instrument, check if that qualifies you for the next level up of the badge.

Creative Arts Activity Badge

Do you enjoy art, crafts, photography or so other creative outlet? This could be just what you need to earn your Creative Arts Activity Badge. Print the requirements page and show your Explorer Scout Leader examples of your work that meet the requirements and it could be that simple.

Media Relations Activity Badge

To you run a blog or a YouTube channel? Speak to your Explorer Scout Leader as we may be able to adapt the requirements of the Media Relations and Marketing Activity Badge to fit what you do. Do you help to run and publish a school, college, or other publication like a website, magazine, or newsletter? This could count too. Remember that the requirements are not fixed and we can tailor these to fit unusual activities so long as the difficulty level involved is equal to that of the normal requirements.

Outdoor Activities

In Scouting, we love the outdoors so there are plenty of Activity Badges and Staged Activity Badges which focus on the outdoors. Do you ski, snowboard, mountain bike, run, or any other physical activity? A number of Activity Badges and Staged Activity Badges are linked to different outdoor activities so there would be too many to list here. Take a look at the list of Activity Badges and Staged Activity Badges to see what is available and how you can complete them.