Child and Data Protection Advice for Parents

At Phoenix Explorer Scouts we believe that there should be absolute transparency in how we operate. There are two essential areas in Scouting in this regard: the protection of young people and the protection of data. As Explorer Scout Leaders, you entrust us to keep your child safe and when you give us your personal information you entrust us to protect this too.

The Scout Association state that all those involved in the Scouting movement should understand the Child Protection Policy. While this information is available online, we felt that you should have all of the information directly accessible to you without having to search the internet or the Scout Association website for it.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

The first document, Understanding Child Protection and Safeguarding focuses on how we, as Phoenix Explorer Scouts, follow the Scouting Association Child Protection Policy. The document clearly sets out what these policies and rules are and provides you with the information you need to raise a concern or make a report yourself, should the need ever arise.

GDPR and Data Protection

GDPR is the new data protection regulation coming into force in the UK and across Europe in May 2018. The second document, Understanding GDPR and Data Protection explains how we use, process, and store the personal information that you provide us to allow us to communicate with you and contact you should the need arise. The document sets out our responsibilities, how we comply with regulation and law, how we obtain data, share data and how we will dispose of data when no longer accurate or required.

We welcome any questions you may have about either of these advice documents or if you have any other queries and we hope that you find this advice helpful.