Snowsports Staged Activity Badge

The Snowsports Staged Activity Badge was newly introduced on 26th January 2018. This badge replaces the existing Skiing and Snowboarding Activity Badges.

The Snowsports Staged Activity Badge can be achieved from Stage One through to Stage Four.

To earn the badge, you must complete all the tasks and requirements within a stage and the previous stages. For example, to earn Stage Two, you must complete all elements of both Stage One and Stage Two.

Stage One

  1. Identify different types of snowsports
  2. Name three places that you can safely take part in snowsport activities
  3. Take part in a warm up activity to prepare you for a snowsport activity such as skiing or snowboarding including warm up for upper, middle, and lower body
  4. Dress properly for the activity and show you understand the importance of helmets and how to wear them properly

Take part in a taster session of your chosen snowsport that includes:

  • Name the equipment used
  • How to get on and off your skis or snowboard
  • Balancing on your skis or snowboard
  • Moving around on your skis or snowboard including a straight line and controlling your speed and stopping

Stage Two

  1. Identity the equipment you require and know how to use it safely
  2. Climb and then ski or snowboard down a short run or go on a cross country ski
  3. Show you can make wide and narrow turns
  4. Show you can stop and wait safely on a run avoiding other users on the slope or stop safely if doing cross country skiing
  5. Demonstrate how to use a drag lift or a magic carpet safely for skiing or snowboarding
  6. Know how to safely fall and get back up again

Stage Three

  1. Identify hazards of the mountain environment
  2. Show you understand what to do in an accident
  3. Show you know and understand the ‘Ski Way Code’ published by the International Ski Federation (FIS)
  4. Understand the effects of extreme temperature and dehydration, how they can be treated and avoided

Chose and complete two of the following activities:

  • Demonstrate a sequence of ten linked turns
  • Complete a free run down a moderate-hard slope (red) showing balance, control, good choice of line, and awareness of others on the slope
  • Complete a 3km cross-country ski route on a prepared track
  • Complete a 500m cross-country ski route on varied terrain

If you have obtained the Scout Association Personal Activity Permit for Snowsports, you can automatically earn this stage of the Snowsports Staged Activity Badge.

Stage Four

  1. Show you understand what equipment to carry for two different types of activity you may undertake (a single lesson, a day on the hill, an expedition in the woods, off-piste experiences, or a lesson at a snow park)
  2. Show how to look after yourself and others in the event of not being able to return down the mountain or being stranded on a route
  3. Show your ability to use a ski map or resort map and identify where you are on the map
  4. Plan a half-day activity, consider the location, group, equipment, and abilities including alternate plans for bad weather
  5. Participate in a snowsport activity different from that which was used to complete previous stages of the Snowsports Staged Activity Badge; this could be something completely new to you or something you have not done before such as skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski touring, and slalom

Chose and complete two of the following:

  • Demonstrate your ability to safely descend a black run
  • Perform a sequence of turns in fresh snow leaving even tracks behind
  • Complete a day’s cross-country ski trip planning your route before you leave
  • Complete a a cross-country timed route and then improve your time over two further attempts