Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge

The Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge can be achieved from Stage One through to Stage Four.

To earn the badge, you must complete all the tasks and requirements within a stage and the previous stages. For example, to earn Stage Two, you must complete all elements of both Stage One and Stage Two.

The Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge and the Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge involve performing some tasks online. Before young people undertake these activities they should be aware of the benefits and risks of being online.

Digital Citizen Stage One

  1. Show that you can log on to a computer, use a piece of software, name the main parts of a computer, and connect a device to a computer
  2. Create a piece of digital media such as artwork, photograph, or animation
  3. Use the internet and decide on an area of research, find three websites with matching content, and collect relevant information from them
  4. Using internet research, design a presentation and tell others what you have found on your selected topic

Digital Citizen Stage Two

  1. Plan and create a piece of digital media showing that you have thought about the risks and staying safe online
  2. Show that you can send or reply to an email with an attachment, download photos or other media from a camera or smart card, open and save a document and share it using a cloud-service
  3. Create a document that includes media that you have downloaded
  4. Demonstrate how information online can be viewed and used by others once it has been uploaded and how hard it can be to remove

Digital Citizen Stage Three

  1. Show that you can use anti-virus software
  2. Set or adjust settings for accessibility and security
  3. Use the internet for research using at least two different search engines with advanced queries (AND, NOT, and OR)
  4. Collect information by using bookmarks
  5. Select specific, reliable information relevant to your research
  6. Create a structured display of information such as a document or web page
  7. Plan, make, and edit a piece of digital media then share the research with others by email or social media
  8. Create a multi-page website or social network group with the information you have collected

Digital Citizen Stage Four

  1. Create a portfolio of digital media
  2. Create a film, video, stop-motion animation or podcast and share it using a suitable media sharing service
  3. Create a social network profile for your section, band, local interest group or similar
  4. Use the internet for research, chose a suitable issue, collect information, collate information in a structured way ensuring that the information is appropriate and relevant