Young Leader Awards

The Young Leader Scheme is a way for young people to grow, develop, and learn about leadership through Scouting. There are a number of awards accessible to Young Leaders as they complete elements of the scheme and the more you complete, you more you get from it:

  • Young Leaders Badge
  • Young Leaders Mission Strips
  • Young Leaders Belt Buckle
  • Young Leaders Service Award

Young Leaders Badge

The Young Leaders Badge is the first badge that a Young Leader will earn. This is awarded following the successful completion of their Module A training within three months of joining the scheme. The Young Leaders Badge is worn on the Explorer Scout uniform which doubles as the Young Leaders uniform and shows others that they have completed the minimum training.

Young Leaders Mission Strips

Missions are like Activity Badges that an Explorer Scout would normally complete. The difference is that these badges are awarded for activities completed when working with the younger sections in service as a Young Leader. There are a total of four Missions to complete and each one, once completed, awards the Young Leader with a Mission badge which is worn around the original Young Leaders badge surrounding it.

The four missions for a Young Leader as set out below.

  • Mission 1: focuses on running games and activities
  • Mission 2: focuses on the planning and delivery methods of activities
  • Mission 3: programme planning with the young people
  • Mission 4: taking responsibility for organising and running part of a section programme

Young Leaders Belt Buckle

The Young Leaders Belt Buckle is awarded upon completion of all training modules and missions. This is the highest achievement for a Young Leader while they are still under the age of 18 years and working as a Young Leader.

The Young LEader Belt Buckle is worn in place of the normal Explorer Scout Belt Buckle with your uniform. When the buckle is worn with the Badge and the four Mission strips, it shows others that you have completed all of the training and challenges that can be presented to you as a Young Leader.

Young Leaders Service Award

The Young Leaders Service Award badge is the badge that stays with you when you move on from Explorer Scouts by reaching 18 years old. At 18, you are no longer an Explorer Scout and can no longer be a Young Leader as you are now an adult. If you stay in Scouting either with the Scout Network or as an adult leader, the Young Leaders Service Award is presented to you to wear on your adult uniform.

Much like adult leaders are issued with Service Awards for recognition of length of service at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 years, this badge allows adult leaders and the young people in Scouting to see that you, as a young person yourself, completed the Young Leader Scheme and is a lasting recognition for your hard work and efforts.