Chief Scout’s Diamond Award

The Chief Scout’s Diamond Award is one of the top awards that can be attained by an Explorer Scout. To complete the Chief Scout’s Diamond Award, you must complete the following:

  • Be a member of Explorer Scouts or Scout Network for 12 months
  • Complete at least 12 nights away as an Explorer Scout or in the Scout Network of which eight must be camping
  • Complete four activities from the International, Community, and Values list from different areas
  • Hold the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award or complete the four Chief Scout’s Diamond Award challenges.

Members must undertake an additional six months in any skill physical recreation, or community service challenge. The International, Community, and Values list can be found on the Scouts website.

Chief Scout’s Diamond Award Challenges

If you do not hold the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and wish to complete the Chief Scout’s Platinum Award Challenges instead, the challenges are as follows:

  • Take up a skill for at least six months and show progress and lasting interest in the skill
  • Take up a physical activity for three to six months and complete a programme of taking part and achievement
  • Provide a service to an individual or the community for three months such as helping another section as a Young Leader or volunteering in a soup kitchen or animal shelter
  • Complete a three-day and two-night expedition in the rural country by foot, cycle, horse, canoe, boat, or dinghy involving careful preparation, training, responsibility, and review