Racquet Sports Activity Badge

The requirements for this badge were updated on 26th January 2018. You may continue to work towards earning this badge using the previous requirements until 31st January 2019.

To achieve the Racquet Sports Activity Badge, you must be able to complete the following activities:

  1. Regularly participate in a racquet sport over a period of at least three months and demonstrate an improvement in your own skill
  2. Demonstrate your skills with your Unit and play your chosen sport with the Unit
  3. Talk about any safety procedures and rules in your chosen sport and how you abide by them
  4. Take part in at least two competitive events or demonstrations and talk about your performance and how you could improve

The Scout Association recognises badminton, racquetball squash, table tennis, and tennis as racquet sports.


Where applicable, badge requirements may be adapted or altered according to the abilities of a young person. Scout Association rules for adjustment can be found in the Policy and Approach article at the Scout Association website.