Media Relations and Marketing Activity Badge

To achieve the Media Relations and Marketing Activity Badge you should complete a core set of requirements. In addition to the core requirements, you should select one of the two pathways for completion. Once you have selected your pathway, select four of the options from that pathway for completion.

The core requirements that must be completed for both pathways are:

  1. Understand and show how to use the Scout brand using resources available from the Scout Association
  2. Arrange a visit for a group of Explorer Scouts to find out about a media organisation and how they create their content

Creating Content Pathway

  • Create a piece of online or printed media content for your Unit, Group, District, or County
  • Get approval from your local Media Development Manager to secure media coverage for a Scouting event, expedition or activity and prepare a press release  including a photograph
  • Help to manage and maintain a social media page for your local Scout Group or Explorer Scout Unit for a period of time agreed with your Explorer Scout Leader
  • Take part in or produce a package about Scouting for a local TV or radio broadcast
  • Produce an audio, visual, or written report about an issue affecting you people or your Explorer Scout Unit including multiple contributors, members of the public, local personalities, or famous public figures

Creating Media Pathway

  • Give a fifteen minute presentation including images about Scouting to another organisation
  • Assist the District or County with a promotional event or activity
  • As a team, produce at least four editions of a paper or online newsletter for Explorer Scouts in your Unit or District or for members of another section
  • Plan, develop, and complete a local recruitment campaign to get more adult leaders to join Scouting
  • Create a display or exhibition for Scouting and parents to promote Explorer Scouts
  • Conduct a survey to understand young people’s views on Scouting and share the results with the leadership team and discuss wth others in the Unit
  • Represent Explorer Scouts at a local government youth council or collective organisation youth forum


Where applicable, badge requirements may be adapted or altered according to the abilities of a young person. Scout Association rules for adjustment can be found in the Policy and Approach article at the Scout Association website.