Leadership Activity Badge

To earn the Leadership Activity Badge, you should complete the following:

  1. Successfully lead a team of Explorer Scouts throughout the course of a project
  2. Take an active role in the running of an activity linked with the Scout section in addition to helping a new Explorer Scout moving on from Scouts to join the Unit
  3. Help a group of Explorer Scouts or members of a younger section develop a Scouting skill
  4. Represent the views of other Explorer Scouts at a forum or meeting and report back outcomes to the Unit afterwards.

When leading the team of Explorer Scouts through a project, the following should be included:

  • A goal for the project and individual targets for team members
  • Take suggestion and feedback for team members and act upon it
  • Teach team members new skills that may be required for the completion of the projectc
  • Manage tricky situations or people and find compromise to resolve issues
  • Give clear instructions, motivate your team, give praise, and ensure that you are on track and everyone is safe


Where applicable, badge requirements may be adapted or altered according to the abilities of a young person. Scout Association rules for adjustment can be found in the Policy and Approach article at the Scout Association website.