Climber Activity Badge

In order to achieve the Climber Activity Badge, you must complete the following activities. If you previously held the Scouts Climbing Activity Badge you may skip the first requirement of this badge and move directly to step two.

  1. Complete at least four climbs which are listed in a climbing guidebook
  2. Know how to put on a harness and helmet and understand the climbing calls used
  3. Understand and demonstrate the proper use of a belay device
  4. Experience at least one, two hour, session of single-pitch climbing on a man-made climbing wall, either indoor or outdoor
  5. Be able to use information in a climbing guidebook and explain the grading system
  6. Select at least five separate climbs, which are graded 5+ or 6 for indoors or very difficult for outdoorsstart on the ground and climb them
  7. Abseil down a face of at least 15 metres using a safety rope
  8. Demonstrate how to care climbing equipment and explain what you should look out for when equipment is approaching end of life

Rules and Permits

You must ensure that you follow the rules in Chapter Nine of the Scout Association Policy, Organisation, and Rules (POR) and the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme.


Where applicable, badge requirements may be adapted or altered according to the abilities of a young person. Scout Association rules for adjustment can be found in the Policy and Approach article at the Scout Association website.