Badges in Scouting are available to all. There are four types of badge available to Explorer Scouts.

Badges can be earned through weekly meetings, events, and activities that we complete at Explorer Scouts as a Unit; you can also work on Awards, Activity Badges, and Staged Activity Badges on your own, with friends, or as a small group of Explorers outside of our Unit activities. If you are working towards or complete a badge on your own, please let your Explorer Scout Leader know so that we can validate the requirements are met and award you the badge.

Core Badges

Core Badges are available to everybody from the Membership Award, the Moving On Award, and Participation Awards.

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Awards are the most significant and difficult to achieve including the highest honour that a young person in Scouting can achieve. The Explorer Scout Awards typically require a long-running duration of activity and commitment to complete. Many of these awards are tightly linked with activities and challenges that a young person may undertake during the Duke of Edinburgh awards (DofE) and can be completed in parallel to allow them to achieve both together.

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Activity Badges

Activity Badges are linked to a specific task, or purpose such as Athletics, Caving, Climbing, Leadership, and more. Explorer Scout Activity Badges are more complex and harder to achieve than those for younger sections such as Beavers, Cub Scouts, and Scouts to represent the fact that Explorer Scouts are older and able to undertake more involved challenges. Most Activity Badges can be achieved can be achieved in a relatively short period of time when the proper commitment is applied. Explorer Scout Activity Badges are specific to Explorer Scouts and existing Activity Badges do not transfer with you from previous sections.

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Staged Activity Badges

Staged Activity Badges can start at the very beginning of our Scouting journey in Beaver Scouts. Once a Staged Activity Badge has been earned, it stays with you throughout Scouting all the way up to Explorer Scouts. Staged Activity Badges have multiple achievement levels per badge: a Beaver Scout or a Cub Scout may only be able to achieve Stage 1 of a badge due to the challenge or complexity whereas an Explorer Scout maybe able to achieve the highest stage possible.

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